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Edius video editor


EdiusTraining.COM specializes in Teaching everyone from NLE Editing Pro's to those who have never touched a computer how to edit with Grass Valley's NLE EDIUS. We have over 15 years of experience in teaching classes that have both experienced and inexperienced editors mixed together with great results from both groups. In two classes we can have your editors feeling comfortable and confident in their ability to do their jobs.


Taking your user requirements into account, we offer tailored training classes that will meet your needs:

Broadcast Starter Classes
Taking those that have never used EDIUS in a broadcast setting and getting them up to speed quickly and completely.
Broadcast Advanced Classes
For creative services going deeper into the program to learn more about effects and the deeper functions to help them get the most out of EDIUS.
Individual Training
We can tailor training for an individual in any field of video production.
Grass Cutters
We are certified by Grass Valley to teach the Grass Cutters Course and then place the names of those that complete it on the Grass Cutters Database.
We can help everyone from individuals to Engineering at a station on what equipment to buy and what setup would be most efficient to get your editing jobs done.
Training Online
You can see and purchase individual training done by Mike Downey at Class on Demand.

Let's make it happen! Contact us today to set up a complimentary quote.